Buy a tail lift to order with installation

The Business Auto GOC will solve all your problems concerning the purchase, installation, repair, and maintenance of tail lifts. Here you can buy not only a tail lift but also spare parts for it. We provide a warranty for all products and take responsibility for all works performed by us.

Terms of the given task fulfillment do not exceed 1-2 workdays.

The warranty for a tail lift is 2 years.

Prices for tail lifts

Tail lift cost directly depends on the construction type, its technical characteristics, and the materials used in the production. Besides, the price depends on the brand and the price segment of the producer. To make it easier for you to sort it out and choose a tail lift according to a certain budget, we made a table where you can see the minimal prices for tail lifts of all producers from our catalog.

Tail lift producer Cost from (rubles)
Bär Cargolift 321 038,00
Dhollandia 160 000,00
Palfinger 356 000,00
Zepro 375 000,00
Dautel 226 817,00
Discounted 125 000,00

From us, you can order tail lifts from the best European brands:

  • Bär Cargolift (German brand with experience of more than 30 years);
  • Dhollandia (Belgium company offering a huge range of products);
  • Zepro (Swedish producer of tail lifts for low-tonnage vehicles);
  • Dautel (a big German company that produces durable and easy-to-maintain equipment).

You can read about these manufacturing companies in more detail in the Categories on the site.

Didn’t you find what you were looking for? We will help you!

Tail lifts that you can buy at Business Auto

Our company offers its clients a wide range of tail lifts. We sell, install, repair, and maintain such design types:

  • Cantilever lifts - are the most common tail lift type. The platform raising is performed with powerful rams. The main difference is the possibility of tilting the platform and forming a ramp for wheeled vehicles.
  • Slider (sliding out) lifts - a mounted platform underneath the vehicle chassis that slides out when required. It is quite convenient when you need to have constant access to the cargo area. Folding mechanisms can be referred to as this type when the platform can be folded in half.
  • Column lifts - is a very reliable, polyfunctional, and hard-wearing tail lift type for operation in the most unfavorable conditions. It is an excellent option when you need to use the vehicle intensively. Vertical fixing systems are at the base of the design.
  • Cassette (compact) lifts - are used on all-metal vans, for example, minibusses. A cassette mechanism is very often used for the arrangement of conditions for disabled people's transportation.

The most important criteria when choosing a tail lift are the lifting capacity and construction material. On average hydraulic lifts are designed for the weight of 500-2500 kg. Platforms are made of aluminum and steel. For comfortable choosing the tail lifts, you will find the Selection of Parameters filter on our site.

We maintain a wide range of vehicles - from minibusses to the trucks of the medium and large tonnage of domestic and foreign producers, for example:

Why is it worth using a tail lift?

Having installed this equipment, you can forget about the necessity of searching for a loading ramp or a forklift for loading. Moreover, it considerably increases the loading and unloading speed, and that will make it possible to perform more work every day. Due to this fact, income will increase, and the payback period will reduce.

It is worth noting the high safety level when operating, especially in comparison with crane-manipulator units. On the territory of the Russian Federation, a tail lift is considered to be hinged equipment, therefore, there is no need to register or certify this mechanism.

Reasons to buy a tail lift at Business Auto

Business Auto GOC is a big modern company; its basic principles are responsibility before every client, high professionalism of employees, and reliability of the guaranteed result. For detailed information contact our manager. We will provide high-quality service and free consultations. You can order and install a tail lift in our offices: in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Nizhniy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, and Tyumen.


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