Automobile refrigerators with installation

Business Auto Group of Companies is a reliable supplier of the Elinge, Thermo King, H-Thermo, and Carrier refrigerators for commercial vehicles. We install refrigerators on commercial vehicles, serve refrigerating equipment, and provide professional consultations to automobile owners. Besides, in our store, you can buy high-quality spare parts for all popular refrigerators. Selection of the refrigerators depends on the body volume that needs to be refrigerated, the necessary freezing rate, minimum and maximum allowable temperatures. The kind of van or trailer where the refrigerating unit is installed, its walls, and ceiling insulation grade are also important. It is also worth considering that the more powerful the refrigerating unit is, the more fuel it consumes.

Thus, it is necessary to choose the refrigerator that will be accurate enough for your van body refrigeration specifically. To transport perishable cargo with comfort, choose the maximum efficient price proposal when purchasing automobile refrigerating equipment.

Refrigerator prices

Refrigerator price directly depends on the technical characteristics and way of installation. Besides, the price depends on the brand and price segment of the producer. To make it easier for you to sort it out and choose a refrigerator according to a certain budget, we made a table where you can see the minimal prices for refrigerating units of all producers from our catalog.

Refrigerator producer Cost from (rubles)
H-Thermo 166 000,00
Rime 108 000,00
Thermo King 285 000,00

Refrigerator types you can buy at Business Auto

(depending on the temperature in the vehicle body)

  • A Class. From +7°C to 0°C - are used for transportation of fruit, vegetables, meat, etc.;
  • B Class. From +7°C to -10°C - are designed for transportation of dairy products, fish, seafood, etc.;
  • C Class. From +7°C to -20°C - are installed for transportation of the frozen products (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit);
  • Multi-temperature - the automobile body is separated into several sections; in each one, you can set the necessary temperature.

In the Cold Category in our online store, you can choose a refrigerator that provides only minus temperatures. In the Heat/Cold refrigerators Line, there are refrigerating units that provide temperatures from 0°C to +7°C, as well as from -20 °C to +7°C.

Types of refrigeration units:

  • Rooftop unit. The equipment is compactly installed on the automobile roof. The refrigerator practically does not influence aerodynamics due to its small thickness and streamlined shape.
  • Frontal unit. It is placed above the driver's cab so that it does not influence the van's aerodynamics.
  • Universal unit. In our online store, you can order refrigerators that can be installed on the roof as well as at the end part of the van.

Refrigerators from proven producers that you can buy at Business Auto

  • Thermo King. High-quality, reliable, and economical refrigerators form the world's leading company from the USA.
  • Elinge. Universal not expensive solutions from Russian producer in Nizhniy Novgorod, manufactured from Sanden Japanese components.
  • H-Thermo. Reliable refrigerators from a South Korean company specializing in refrigerating equipment production.
  • Carrier. Compact, comfortable, and long-lasting solutions from the American producer.

The choice of the refrigerator’s capacity depends on the automobile body volume that needs to be refrigerated. Besides, the thickness of the thermal insulating walls plays an important role. The minimal allowable temperature in sections depends upon it. In our catalog, there are refrigerators for body volumes from 6 m3 to 36 m3 with a wall thickness of 40mm or more. Our refrigerators are suitable for installation on any van model. The most popular among them are:

  • Ford Transit;
  • Mercedes Vito;
  • GAZ 3302;
  • Fiat Ducato;
  • Renault Master.

Reasons to order a refrigerator with installation on a commercial vehicle

A refrigerator is a refrigerating and heating unit that functions on the usual refrigerator principle. It allows transportation of perishable food, cosmetics, medications, flowers, household chemicals, and many other things.

How the refrigerator operates: Compressor compresses freon (refrigerant) to 18 atm, heating it to the temperature of +1300°C. Freon gets into the condenser and becomes cool and liquid. Liquid refrigerant gets into the receiver and becomes cleaned of impurities and excess moisture. Freon gets into the thermoregulatory valve that controls refrigerant transfer into the evaporator (depending on the required temperature in the car body). Refrigerant gets into the evaporator, where pressure on the liquid falls, and it starts boiling, at the same time, taking away the heat from the air. Cooled air is pumped through the body with the help of fans. Freon gets into the compressor to repeat the cycle.

How to order Elinge, Thermo King, H-Thermo, and Carrier refrigerators at Business Auto

By choosing automobile refrigerators in the Business Auto online store, you get certified products and high-quality installation from masters who have a work experience of over 7 years. You also can order and install an automobile refrigerator by contacting any of our offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Krasnodar, and Kazan.

Contact us at 8 (800) 100-95-91 or request a callback, to get additional information and professional consultation. Our manager will answer all your questions and help with the choice.


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