Repair of tail lifts, installation, and maintenance in any region of Russia

Business Auto is a network of service centers for commercial vehicles. We provide a full range of services: repair, installation, and maintenance of new, as well as used tail lifts in every region of Russia. Due to the powerful production base and our own spare parts warehouse, the cost of our services is cheaper than in most regional service stations. Our duty teams are always equipped and ready to help if you need a repair of the hydraulic cylinder, replacement of the power relay, filters, or oil, and any work with hydraulics, mounting, and dismantling of the hydro lift and other professional services to solve problems with tail lifts. Business Auto service centers are located near Moscow, in Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Tyumen, and Krasnodar.

Technical maintenance:
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Services for tail lifts at Business Auto

Here you can order repair, installation, and maintenance of tail lifts in the service center, as well as on-site directly at the parking lot of your automobile. Cooperating with us, You will always get help regardless of the region of your commercial vehicle location. We perform the following services:

  • Repair of the hydraulics, mechanics, electrics, and other malfunctions of the tail lifts of these brands: Dhollandia, Zepro, Bar, and others. Hydraulic cylinder repair, removal, and dismantling/ assembly of the hinged equipment.

    Important! Price for the repair of the lifting hydraulic cylinder is from 1500 rubles/hour.

  • Oil change in the tail lifts, replacement of dust covers, hoses, filters, and other tail lift maintenance work.

    Important! Performing scheduled service, timely diagnostics, and malfunction repair, the tail lift's lifetime is over 15 years.

  • Prompt installation of new and used tail lifts with a guarantee and maintenance during and after the warranty period.

    Important! Tail lift installation makes the loading and unloading of vehicles significantly easier.

We work with the following tail lift producers

Our service center network provides services for the maintenance of the additional equipment of various producers. But mainly, we have to deal with steel and aluminum tail lifts of the following brands:

  • Dhollandia - is a Belgian company, a European leader in tail lift production.
  • BAR - a German brand, produces a wide range of tail lifts with a load capacity of 500 kg - 3000 kg.
  • Dautel - this German producer has been working on the market for over 70 years. They offer tail lifts with a perfectly designed construction, especially paying attention to the quick installation possibility.
  • Zepro - inexpensive Swedish tail lifts with a load capacity from 450 kg to 9000 kg. There are a lot of models for commercial vehicles for various purposes in their assortment.
  • Palfinger - reliable German tail lifts with a load capacity from 500 kg - 5000 kg. Due to special anticorrosive coating and waterproof controlling block, they perfectly withstand intensive operation in the most complicated conditions.

Here you can order tail lifts and spare parts for tail lifts of the most popular brands in Russia. Our own spare parts warehouses allow us to solve problems with hydraulics as quickly as possible.

Tail lifts operation rules

For the installed tail lift could function without breaks for a long time, you have to follow some simple rules:

  • During the loading-unloading work, the tail lift needs to be tightly close to the unloading platform surface;
  • When performing loading-unloading from the platform higher than the ground level, you need to overcover its edge with the tail lift not less than 15 cm;
  • Loading-unloading from the platform directly into the vehicle body can considerably extend the tail lift service life;
  • Regular maintenance helps to reveal malfunctions in time and escape the unplanned downtime of the commercial vehicle.

Advantages of the tail lift repair and maintenance at Business Auto

By contacting us, you can be sure of the provided services' quality. Every specialist in Business Auto has a professional education and work experience of over 15 years. The availability of a powerful technical base and our own spare parts warehouses allow us to solve any problems with the tail lifts in the shortest possible time. Wherever the commercial vehicles can be - in sunny Pyatigorsk or snowy Anadyr, you can always rely on professional assistance from our masters. The repair teams of Business Auto are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and ready to go to any part of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. Our specialists will necessarily take into account the specifics of your business and help you choose the most effective solution to your problem.

How to contact us?
Choose the nearest Business Auto service center and request a call back directly on the site. Our manager will call you back in several minutes, provide all the necessary information, answer your questions, and help you to solve your issue.


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