Repair, maintenance, and installation of the autonomous air heaters

The business Auto company deals with complex maintenance of the autonomous liquid and air heaters from Eberspacher and other brands. Only certified specialists with professional experience of more than 5 years work with us. We perform the installation, maintenance, and repair of the autonomous heaters at our own production bases in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, and Nizhniy Novgorod.

Technical maintenance all over Russia: 8 800 100 95 91 — without days off

Repair and maintenance services for autonomous automobile heaters at Business Auto

Specialists of the Business Auto GOC service centers are of high professional level and have deep knowledge of autonomous heaters peculiarities of European and Russian production. If you are only planning the installation of such equipment, you can get a free consultation from us; we will help you choose the most suitable for your commercial vehicle option.

Do you want to change, fix or perform maintenance on the additional heater? Our own spare parts warehouses and technical bases of Business Auto in various regions of Russia allow us to perform work of any complexity at a favorable price and in the shortest possible time. A new heater dismantling and installation takes approximately one day, and maintenance and repair - from one to several hours. At Business Auto, you can order the following services:

  • We offer to buy new autonomous heaters produced by Eberspacher and other manufacturers with installation and connection. We will perform the whole range of works connected with the autonomous heater mounting in the van or cabin of the truck of any brand.

    Important! The Business Auto mechanics have valid certificates of Eberspacher installers! The installation guarantee is one year or more.

  • Our own stocks of high-quality spare parts allow us to perform the repair of the cabin and van heaters in a short time.

    Important! Performing scheduled service, timely diagnostics, and malfunction repair, the tail lift's lifetime is over 15 years.

  • During the modernization of commercial vehicles, many Business Auto clients ask to change the autonomous cabin or van heater. Our production capacity allows us to dismantle the old heater and install a new one in only one day.

    Important! For every autonomous heater installed by us, we provide a warranty for 12 months or more.

Autonomous heater malfunctions

There are several of the most common reasons for the malfunctions of autonomous automobile heaters. Among them are fuel of poor quality, irregular maintenance, and mistakes in the equipment connection. The most demanded types of repair include:

  • Glow plugs replacement — you need this kind of repair if a heater does not turn on or becomes unstable.
  • Pre-starting heater cleaning — includes the autonomous heater dismantling, replacement of consumables, burner burning, combustion chamber cleaning, assembly, and equipment diagnostics.
  • Control block repair — solution to this problem can be found in the defective parts replacement, in some cases, you need to change the control block at all.
  • Fan motor replacement — you need to perform this kind of repair in case the motor resource is exhausted, but the repair is sometimes limited just to the replacement of brushes and bearings.
  • Fuel pump repair — a clogged fuel pump filter can cause fuel pump malfunctions, then a part element has to be replaced completely.

3 tips on how to avoid autonomous heater malfunctions

  • One of the most common reasons for the autonomous heater malfunction is poor quality fuel. Therefore, for the heater, it is better to install a separate tank and fill it only with high-quality fuel. During winter, at temperatures below -20°С to prevent the heating system from waxing, diesel fuel should be diluted with petrol in a ratio of 1:1.
  • Before the first and the next start of a heater, you need to check that there is some fuel in the system. When switching on and before switching off, you have to turn the heater on at full power for 2-3 minutes.
  • Under high temperatures, fuel becomes stratified and unusable. So, in the warm months, you should drain fuel from the tank.

Order repair, installation, and maintenance of autonomous heaters at favorable prices

Order repair, installation, and maintenance of autonomous heaters at favorable prices Due to our own spare parts stocks, our service cost is cheaper than in other service centers in Russia. Powerful technical bases allow us to perform the installation, repair, and maintenance of additional heaters in various regions in the shortest possible time. Our specialists always take into account the specifics of commercial vehicles and provide a warranty for all our services. We can pick up the best possible equipment for the solution to your business tasks. Request a callback or ask a question, you are interested in, in the online chat on this page. Our specialist will provide all the necessary information and help to solve your problem. Contact us right now!


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