Repair, installation, and filling of refrigerators with freon

Business Auto Group of companies provides a full range of services for the installation, repair, and maintenance of automotive refrigeration units in all regions of Russia. The professionalism of our specialists, powerful technical base, and our own spare parts warehouse enable us to provide the whole spectrum of services quickly, qualitatively, and at a reasonable price.

Our mobile teams will go promptly to anywhere in Russia and provide the necessary assistance efficiently as we have available modern mobile equipment. If a malfunction of the automobile refrigerator cannot be fixed at your place, we will definitely solve the problem at one of our service stations. Our service centers are located near Moscow (in Dolmatovo), Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, and Krasnodar.

Technical maintenance all over Russia:
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Refrigeration service on favorable terms

Services of our specialists are available in any region of Russia. Installation, repair, and filling of automobile refrigeration units are possible in one of our service centers and directly at the location of your commercial vehicle. Our mechanics are always ready to perform the following types of work:

  • Repair of the refrigerator compressor, control blocks, oil change, and other types of work we provide in all the service centers of the company. Besides, at the service center in Dolmatovo, you can use the services in the repair of the side walls, installation of the thermal recorders, and change of the refrigeration doors.

    Important! First diagnostics in Business Auto service centers are at a discount -20% or completely free (depending on the service region).

  • Our installation of refrigerators is quick, with a mark on the Vehicle Registration Certificate, and takes into account the specifications of the automobile and the purposes of refrigeration equipment usage. We can help you to choose refrigerators from European and domestic manufacturers who guarantee the quality and reliability of their products.

    Important! The warranty for the refrigerator installed in our Business Auto service center is for 2 years or more.

  • Before the filling we will necessarily study the state of the unit. We will wash freon pathways, check the system for leaks, remove the air, and fill the automobile refrigeration unit with high-quality refrigerant.

    Important! For long service of the refrigeration equipment, you need to do regular cleaning of the system.

Refrigerator producers, we work with

In our Business Auto service center, we perform the installation and repair of refrigerators of different brands. But most often, our masters serve automobile refrigeration units of the following producers:

  • H-Thermo – Korean company that produces climate systems for all types of automobiles.
  • Thermo King – The American producer has been occupying leading positions in the climate systems market since its foundation (1937).

Original spare parts for auto-refrigerators are always available in our own warehouses of Business Auto.

Advantages of the repair and maintenance of refrigerators by Business Auto

In Business Auto service centers, you can order installation, repair, and maintenance of refrigerators for commercial vehicles of any producers. Our mobile teams are fully equipped and are ready to perform work in any region of Russia. While repairing, we use only high-quality spare parts and provide a warranty for all types of our services. The cost of the refrigerator installation depends on the model of the vehicle, and the repair cost depends on the brand of the automobile refrigeration unit. In any case, our services will cost you cheaper than in most regional service stations.

How to contact us?
Choose the nearest Business Auto service center and request a call back right on the site. Our manager will call you back in several minutes, provide all the necessary information, answer your questions, and help you to solve your issue.


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