One of the essential parts of our online store work is selling certified goods with company guarantees from the manufacturers.

For the guarantee maintenance, we need:

  • without mistakes, blots, or corrections filled the warranty card with the information about the model, serial number of the item, sale date, and a stamp of the trading organization;
  • a document confirming purchase (consignment note);
  • complete set of goods.

Besides, pay attention that in the presence of the courier, before accepting and paying the order, the client is obliged to check the content and the appearance of the item for the absence of any physical defects (scratches, cracks, chips, etc.) and completeness of the package. After the courier’s departure, any claims on these issues we do not accept.

Guarantee maintenance is not carried out if:

  • the warranty card is lost or not filled
  • equipment was delivered onto the Russian territory illegally
  • the item has traces of mechanical damage or opening
  • factory seals are damaged
  • operating, transportation, or storage conditions were violated
  • the repair was performed by people who are not employees of the authorized service center
  • non-original parts were used

You can find a detailed description of the guarantee maintenance conditions in the documentation of the purchased product and/or on the site of the corresponding manufacturer.

The Business Auto company also offers special guarantee maintenance conditions for tail lifts; you can read about them in detail on the ‘Free extended guarantee for Dhollandia tail lifts’ page.


Available automobiles
based on the JAC
chassis of N-series

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