Refrigerated vans

Eutectic Cold Vans provide:

  • The operating temperature at -20…-25 oС inside the body during 10-12 hours of operation on a hot sunny summer day, even with frequently opened side doors.
  • Preservation of the efficient operation of the refrigeration equipment and highly thermally insulated qualities of the van panels during 10-12 years of service with unlimited mileage.
  • Client's confidence in the preservation of the quality of their delicate products, demanding temperature conditions.
Refrigerated van

Eutectic Cold Vans manufacture at the production facilities of SibEuroVan West makes it possible to significantly reduce logistics costs (in comparison with the vans imported to Russia) and, consequently, provides the optimal cost of vans for Russian clients under completely identical qualitative and performance characteristics as compared with the imported analogs.

Van installation on the chassis

We produce and install Eutectic Cold Vans on the truck chassis of such brands as Fuso, Hino, Hyundai, Isuzu, Iveco, GAZelle, GAZelle NEXT, Valdai, Foton, Ford, Peugeot, and Volkswagen. During installation, we comply with all requirements of the chassis manufacturers and Russian technical regulations. You can order a finished vehicle on the above-stated chassis base, as well as a separate refrigerated van providing your chassis. We will install your van on it.

Features and equipment of Eutectic Cold Vans

Accumulation of the cold in the refrigeration unit of the eutectic type is performed during vehicle parking when connected to the electrical network 380 V / 50 Hz / 4000 W within 10-12 hours. All Eutectic Cold Vans contain Dorin semi-hermetic reciprocating motor compressors (Italy) – they are one of the most reliable in the world.

A refrigeration unit that contains a compressor, a receiver, and a condenser has three options for the position on the van:

  • Lower position (classical) from the left or right side of the van.
  • Above the automobile's cabin - the top position.
  • Internal position of the refrigeration unit (inside the van in one of the sections).

All models of Eutectic Cold Vans can provide and maintain internal temperature -20…-25°C throughout the entire working day with an environmental temperature above +30°C. Side doors make it possible to get quick access to the goods without having to enter inside the van with minimal loss of the cold air. External side door frames are equipped with heating elements that exclude their freezing, rubber bumps, and a key-locked system in every door. Eutectic plates (cold accumulators) are completely stainless steel, that excludes their corrosion. The eutectic plate number is calculated based on the internal volume of the van. We can produce vans practically of any size to the individual order with any number of doors and their position, with the floor and walls covering at the client's choice.

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At the client’s request, a van can be additionally equipped with:

  • Internal aluminum baffle boards divide the space into independent sections and prevent the scattering of boxes with goods around the van body.
  • Ventilating plastic floor mats for better cold circulation and preventing the boxes from freezing to the floor.
  • Backswing doors open at an angle of 270 degrees.
  • Curtains for reducing heat loss upon back door opening.
  • fixed and removable interior baffle boards.
  • Carts with guide rails and rods for their fixation and preventing longitudinal displacement during the automobile movement
  • Central lock.

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