Mobile repair vans

Special vehicle manufacturing and selling and mobile repair van sales at favorable prices in Nizhny Novgorod.

Our Advantage

Our company professionally deals with producing and selling different special vans for Nizhny Novgorod and other regions of the country. In the catalog, you can find mobile repair vans. We offer our clients multifunctional mobile repair van bodies that can be mounted on the chassis of any vehicle. We can manufacture mobile repair vans for performing a number of services: restoration, repair, sewerage works, utility service, and construction work. As we know, a lot of work is done remotely. As a rule, such objects are located at a distance from the base or office. Mobile repair van will help you quickly and without problems deliver all required components and additional equipment to the right place. Our company has prepared different mobile repair vans and other special vehicle configurations for our clients depending on the supposed work kind. Available mobile repair vans are:

  • GAZ-331063 Mobile repair van (Valdai Farmer)
  • GAZ-33081 Mobile repair van (Sadko)
  • GAZ-330232 Mobile repair van (Farmer)
  • KAMAZ-43114 Mobile repair van
  • Hyundai HD78 Mobile repair van
  • GAZ-330202 Mobile repair van
  • KAMAZ-4326 Mobile repair van
  • GAZ-33106 Mobile repair van (Valdai)

Van structure

Standard mobile repair van design represents a metal frame made of channels and profile pipes. Our specialists perform the mobile repair van external sheathing from the clad metal. It protects the van from different environmental influences. And we make interior sheathing from plastic or fiberboard. As an additional van insulation, a styrofoam sheet or polystyrene foam with a thickness of 40-80 mm is put between the outer and inner coverings. Flooring is a very important component of the mobile repair van. We cover it with corrugated steel, special transport plywood, or auto linoleum, i.e. transport linoleum. We discuss all materials used for van production with clients in advance. If required, we can paint the van in any color in combination with a special color graphic scheme.

Mobile repair van is a thermally insulated van model with two swing doors opening 270 degrees, and one side door. The vans are also equipped with pull-out ladders and windows for daylight access and ventilation. Besides, inside the body, there is additional lighting. A plastic handle is an ideal solution for work in the freezing cold. Our company thinks out everything to the smallest detail during special vehicle manufacturing.

There are all the required things for work inside every mobile repair van: a workbench with metal boxes, seats with a table, an emery machine, a table vice, a washstand, and a gas cylinder cabinet. We also take care of our client’s safety, so in the van, there is: an additional emergency ventilation hatch, a motor pump, a fire extinguisher, and an intercom for communication with the driver.

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