Manufactured goods vans

In the modern market, there is a huge category of products - i.e. manufactured goods. They do not need to meet any specific transportation requirements: air humidity, temperature, or storage conditions. Thus, manufactured goods vans are perfect for their transportation. Our company produces high-quality manufactured goods vans with high passability. With our vehicles, you can reduce transportation costs and expand your business in a short time.

A manufactured goods van is a closed body of the automobile type used for various manufactured goods transportation. Our company has been specializing in such automobile models production and selling for a long time. By taking into account all client’s wishes, we can equip manufactured goods vans for operation with various types of goods. For example, we can equip a van for furniture transportation from the outset so you could use it for public catering products delivery in the future.

Manufactured goods vans in stock

  • GAZON NEXT Manufactured Goods Vans on the base of the extended chassis
  • GAZelle NEXT (long base GAZelle) Manufactured Goods Vans
  • Hyundai HD-78 Manufactured Goods Vans
  • KAMAZ-6520 Manufactured Goods Vans
  • GAZ-3302 (GAZelle NEXT) Manufactured Goods Vans
  • HINO-700 Manufactured Goods Vans
  • HINO-300 Manufactured Goods Vans
  • ISUZU 75P Manufactured Goods Vans

Van Construction

Our company deals in models manufacturing on the base of GAZelle Next manufactured goods van which will have an extended construction. It is very convenient and spacious, especially for oversized goods transportation. GAZelle manufactured goods vans have a reliable frame base, which makes it possible to use the automobile for a long time. Externally we coat the model with clad metal to guarantee perfect handling with any influence of the weather conditions from outside. Besides, vans are equipped with double rear doors with reliable fixation. They are constructed so that they do not interfere with goods loading and unloading, and they are easy to open. The rigid rear doorway causes sealing inside the GAZelle manufactured goods van. In addition, on the doors, there are special fittings made of galvanized material, rubber buffers, and a comfortable plastic handle.

Position lamps and special reflective film are hermetically fixed on our manufactured goods vans. The film makes it possible for the van to be more visible on the road at night. For convenient cargo transportation, at the rear part of the Next manufactured goods van, we added a pull-out ladder, a beam, and underrun protection. Inside the van, our company uses wooden beams for wall reinforcement, and special lighting that helps easily check and arrange the transported goods. On the side of the manufactured goods van, there is rigid metal protection.

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Not all of our clients can know the special vehicle specifics, therefore our major task is to help and advise the best option for the problem solution. For producing any special vehicles, we use only high-quality materials from reliable European producers that guarantee the vehicle's operation even under extreme conditions. We take into account every client's wishes and do not advertise our goods - as their quality itself advertises us.

Manufactured goods van description

We produce vans of any dimensions, which do not contradict the requirements and standards. The vans are produced using frame technology. In production, the frame is welded from the galvanized profile for the necessary strength and durability for vans. Sheathing with the clad sheet protects vans from corrosion and preserves aesthetic appearance for a long time. At your request, the van can be insulated with styrofoam (40, 70, or 100 mm).

Stages of the manufactured goods van producing:

  • Frame manufacturing with a high-strength base.
  • Frame painting.
  • Mounting of the van sheathing.
  • Underbody treatment with the imported anti-corrosion coating.
  • Sealing the joints and junctions.
  • Gates and shut-off valves mounting.
  • Internal work (electrical wiring, additional fittings installation).

Internal finishing of vans can be various and depends on the wishes of the customer and automobile functions. Besides, at your request, we will install inverted or domestic fittings.

The application of modern technologies and materials enables us to comply with all the requirements at every stage of manufactured goods vans production.

A two-stage quality control system implemented in production guarantees the reliability and high operating characteristics of all the manufactured products.

Besides the van production, you can use service on the automobile frame extending.

Manufactured goods van trucks

They took an important place in the cargo auto transportation industry long ago. But clients are often not satisfied with the space capacity of the manufactured goods vans due to the dimensions of the transported goods. The Business Auto plant produces manufactured goods vans of extended construction that are mounted on the extended auto frame. Extended manufactured goods van trucks meet strict quality and reliability requirements necessary for the production of vans of standard dimensions as well.

  • An extended manufactured goods van has a rigid frame system which contributes to the long-lasting operation and increase in reliability of all construction.
  • The external sheathing is of clad metal. Clad metal resists external influence (weather or road conditions).
  • The manufactured goods van is equipped with a double rear door. The doors have reliable rod latches.
  • The van floor covering protects the galvanized metal.
  • Internal van walls are reinforced with wooden beams.
  • An extended manufactured goods van has internal and position lights.

Modern production technologies and reliable durable materials increase the service life of the extended manufactured goods van trucks. Extended vans from the Business Auto plant - mean high quality, reasonable prices, and fruitful cooperation.

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