Cargo van repair

In our service and production centers, we offer qualified assistance in the repair, diagnostics, and refinement of vans of all types. A list of the services provided includes the following:

  • van repair of any complexity (roof repair, side panel replacement, floor repair, etc.), repair after an accident;
  • repair of the portal, side doors, and back doors;
  • repair and replacement of the flanging;
  • any refinement of vans for installation of the additional equipment: extending of the chassis frame, spare wheel transferring, toolbox installation, rigging rack mounting, spacer bar installation, and euro-hook mounting;
  • additional thermal insulation installation, repair, or replacement of any fittings.

Besides repair, Business Auto specialists are ready to re-equip SibEuroVans taking into account customers’ requirements for maximum efficiency and operating process specifics.

Find out the contact information of the nearest Business Auto service for maintenance and repair of vans, refrigerators, tail lifts, and heaters. Request a free consultation right now!

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Technical maintenance:
8 800 100 95 91 — without days off


Available automobiles
based on the JAC
chassis of N-series

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